32 tips to make your CV stand out!

(this is an excerpt from an article by StandOutCV – find the link to the full article below)

1. Do your research

The very first tip to consider comes well before you start writing your CV… Researching your target roles.

For your CV to be successful, it needs to contain the skills and experience that your desired employers are looking for.

Hit the job boards, scan through lots of relevant job adverts and make a list of the most sought after requirements for your target roles.

Once you have this list, you know exactly what skills and knowledge you should be highlighting in your CV.

This is a crucial step – without it, you will simply be using guesswork to create your CV

2. Break text up

Huge chunks of text are off-putting for readers and make it difficult for recruiters to pick out the information they need.

If you were reading hundreds of CVs every week, would you want to wade through a paragraph like this one below?

Make it easy for recruiters to spot your talents by breaking text up into easily digestible sections.

3. Add a punchy profile to your CV

The top of your CV is hugely important, as it the very first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see upon opening it.

Make a big impact by selling yourself with an attractive CV profile.

Keep it short and sharp in order to hold readers’ attention, summarise your most valuable skills and highlight the benefits of employing you.

4. Use a core skills section

A core skills section is a bullet pointed list that sits just under your profile.

It can include anything from industry experience and qualifications to skills and IT knowledge.

The purpose is to give readers a very quick snapshot of your offering so that they can see that you are a good fit for their vacancy at first glance.

For best results, tailor these points to reflect the requirements of the jobs you are applying for

5. Use a professional email address

Every part of your CV will be judged by employers, so it needs to reflect your professionalism at all times.

If you’ve labelled the top of your CV with an email address like badboy247@gmail.com, it won’t create the best first impression.

Don’t do this

Use something simple like your full name to keep the document looking professional.

6. Show your impact

When writing your CV role descriptions, it’s important to show your responsibilities.

But it’s even better to show what impact your actions have for your employers.

For example, instead of just writing:

“Sourcing and approaching potential customers.”

Expand to show your impact:

“Sourcing and approaching potential customers to generate leads for the sales team and build pipeline.”

You may not be able to do this for every point on your CV, but always try to where possible.

The infographic below shows some great ways you can show your impact

7 ways to prove impact in your CV

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7. Structure your CV for easy navigation

With recruiters often receiving hundreds of CVs for every job they advertise, it pays off to make yours easy to read.

Use the diagram below to structure your CV and ensure it is easily navigated and readers can find the information they want without any hassle.

8. Give a high level summary of your roles

Delving into the nitty gritty details of your roles without first setting the scene, can be confusing for readers.

Give your role descriptions some context by heading them up with a high level summary that explains what the employer does, where you sit within the organisation and how your role benefits the employer.

Now the details of your roles will make a lot more sense to recruiters, because they will be able to see how your work feeds into the overall success of your employers.

9. Avoid generic clichés

CV clichés are terms like:

“hard working” 

“team player”


“out-of-the-box thinker”

These phrases may appear impressive at first glance, but they don’t actually tell recruiters anything factual about you.

If you want to show employers that you are a hard-working team player, don’t simply state the fact; instead use examples of the results you have achieved within team settings to prove it.

10. Tailor your CV to every job you apply for

Although your CV will be tailored towards the general type of roles you are applying to, you can give each application a boost by tweaking the CV even further, every time you apply for a different role.

Assess each job advert before applying and make sure that your CV is highlighting the most important requirements for each one.

If you are hiding any crucial skills that are required for a particular role, at the bottom of your CV, then make sure you move them up to the top of the CV for that application and make them prominent.

One quick and simple way to tailor your CV is by swapping your core skills around to reflect the requirements in the job advert.

Read the full article here

With all these great tips you will be sure to create the perfect CV and there will be nothing stopping you from becoming an Entrepreneur2Be abroad!

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Sharing a Facebook post is not helping

Social media has provided a great platform for spreading information and raising awareness. We are so much more aware now about global issues and we raise our voice for them. We make posts supporting different organizations and campaigns to spread awareness to our friends and family. But is it enough?

The answer is no. Spreading awareness is incredibly important because otherwise how are people supposed to know about what problems we are facing in the world? But it cannot end there! Sharing a post on Facebook is great but that sense of accomplishment you feel afterwards is fake. To truly make a difference you actually have to go out there and help out yourself. Now, it can be hard to do that. I mean you have your responsibilities here. Your studies, your job, your friends and family are all here and you can’t just go and leave! But if you truly care about our planet and the people on this earth, which everyone should, you can take the time. Go abroad and do a social project, get your hands dirty and help people out. I guarantee that the sense of accomplishment you will feel afterwards is nothing compared to sharing that one video on Facebook.

Tiffany Madison said “If we don’t fight for what we ‘stand for’ with our passionate words and honest actions, do we really ‘stand’ for anything?” Now most of us live in this bubble where everything is great. You might have some minor problems, which is just part of life, but there are people out there who are genuinely suffering. Your phone screen shattering or your significant other ending your relationship are nothing compared to people who are stricken with poverty or trying to survive in a war zone. And because we are so privileged, it’s even more important for us to be aware of current issues and to share that privilege with those who were not as lucky to receive it.

If we want to truly see a better world in the future, we have to do something about it. We cannot hope that someone else will take care of it. We cannot think that the problems will just go away. That’s just not how the world works. Imagine if everyone thinks like that! Nothing will ever be done. So it is up to each and every one of us to get off the couch and actually do something.

It was Mark Twain who said “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

So what’s it gonna be? Are you going to continue your life as before and just ignore the millions of people in need all around the world? Are you going to continue to share Facebook posts and feel content with yourself? Or are you going to go out there and make a change?

If it’s the latter, you can look through our Opportunities Portal, see which issues you are passionate about and do something about them!

Life Below Water

Our oceans are in trouble. Due to so much waste and chemical dumping, many living animals all over the world are suffering and it’s not right. There is so much we can do to prevent our oceans from being polluted but first we need to make sure that this problem is known to everyone.

As an individual, you can make a great contribution as well.

Go abroad to Indonesia and help raise awareness about the pollution of life below water.