My AIESEC experience

Dear all readers, AIESECers and soon to be AIESECers. My Name is Bendix Holtgraefe and I am originally from Hamburg, Germany. I currently live in Horsens, Denmark, and I feel a really strong connection to Austria since I lived and worked there for many months as a skiing instructor. Anyway, this is not the topic of this article.

As I moved to Denmark in August 2016 I basically had nothing. I just barely got into university because my grades in high school were average, I didn’t really know if my program was the right thing for me and I didn’t know a single person in the city. It took me quite some time to get a footing in the city and feel at home. In the Beginning, I also had big problems with finding a well-paid student job in order to pay the expensive cost of living in one of the richest countries on earth.

Everything was getting more difficult with time here in Denmark but then one day I noticed a poster in the hallway of my university. I have heard of AIESEC before and participated in some of their events but I never really knew what they were doing. During that time, around Christmas of 2016, after a month of failing at finding a job, I just applied for AIESEC to become a member and I was promptly invited to an interview with the head of AIESEC from my Campus. I instantly felt welcome and the interview was really nice and fun. A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the president of my committee and was invited to the local training seminar.

From this point on everything  became better and my time here in Denmark has completely changed! I found so many great friends at AIESEC and my career next to my studies received a giant boost. I learned a lot about marketing and during my time in the Incoming professional internships team, I experienced Business2Business first hand. I gained a lot of experience and after some time in AIESEC I was easily able to find a job as a marketing manager at a company in Horsens called Trendhim. Our national conference was one of my highlights of my time in AIESEC.


My Local AIESEC crew at the national conference in Aalborg (I am the one with the orange shoes) – April 2017

Just imagine, coming together with hundreds of like-minded, ambitious and interesting students, all part of the same organisation, learn and grow with them for a whole weekend in a new city. I felt absolutely empowered after this experience and I recommend everybody to contact your local AIESEC committee.

If you are thinking of becoming a member of AIESEC in Austria you can register here (