My AIESEC Story: Why I joined and stayed!

“I learn a lot from being in such a diverse and open environment as an international student. I met with likeminded people that I could relate to, who appreciates diversity and most importantly enjoys it.”


A year into my sociology studies in University of Vienna, my awareness of social issues around the world had increased so much that I desperately wanted to do something, take any action that would contribute to a good cause. I guess when a person passes a level of awareness, nothing makes you as uncomfortable as just to sit and complain.


That is how I found AIESEC, as the first student organization people recommended when I told them I wanted to do something. My friends in Turkey had already joined their local committee and were talking about how active AIESEC is there, how big it has become. When this topic somehow came up with my parents it was surprising to find out they were in AIESEC almost 30 years ago as university students as well. At this point I was  convinced that AIESEC is a student organization that has no cultural and geographical boundaries. It has been around for a long time all over the world. So, I gave my local committee a try.


Fast forward to September 2019, almost 2 years later, I am still a member in AIESEC. In these few terms I’ve been a Team Member, Youth Speak Forum Delagate Servicing & PR Vice President and now I am a Brand Advocacy Manager for AIESEC in Austria’s National Support Team. All these different opportunities not only gave me the chance to be in an environment that enabled and supported me to take an action on issues that are near and dear to my heart but thought me a lot about what I might enjoy in the future. Customer and public relations, marketing, event management… It has been like a sneak peek to all these different areas and helped s me to have a better picture of what I might truly be interested in doing a couple of years later.


I believe that self- exploration has no limits and my AIESEC experience still has a great role in my journey of exploring my potential.


Written by Asli Ertem

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