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My AIESEC experience

Dear all readers, AIESECers and soon to be AIESECers. My Name is Bendix Holtgraefe and I am originally from Hamburg, Germany. I currently live in Horsens, Denmark, and I feel a really strong connection to Austria since I lived and worked there for many months as a skiing instructor. Anyway, this is not the topic […]

Never stop working on yourself!

For this weeks blog post, I decided to interview Jakov Božović. Keep reading to find out what he had to say. State your name, age, country of origin and current occupation. My name is Jakov Bozovic, I’m 26 years old from Serbia and I’m currently working at UNIDO as an Intern  at the Rural Entrepreneurship, Job […]

Be the I in opportunity

Opportunity. It’s something everyone looks for, and when you find it, or it finds you, you have to seize it. With social media nowadays and many companies advertising in similar ways, it’s not always easy to spot an opportunity that we could be interested in. You have to be very cautious and inform yourself well […]

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The future is something all of us think about, whether we try to or not. It’s both incredibly fascinating and absolutely terrifying to think about what will happen. What if my dreams don’t come true? What if I’m unhappy? What if i get everything I want but […]

50 Habits That Prove You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

These days, it seems everybody wants to be a successful entrepreneur and own their own business. But what does it really take to become that? According to an article by Entrepreneur, here are 50 habits that prove you were born to be an entrepreneur. 1. You can’t sit still. You’re always itching to come up […]

Recipe for success

Imagine having an idea that no one before you has had. Imagine making that idea a reality and your invention benefitting the world. A lot of us dream of that moment, to create something truly useful that will improve people’s lives. Nowadays, this is easier than before. There are many startups that have truly unique […]

Innovation with a capital I

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the word ‘innovate’ means to “Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.” But is innovation really necessary? Isn’t it enough if something already works well? The answer is no. But don’t take it from me! “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” […]

32 tips to make your CV stand out!

(this is an excerpt from an article by StandOutCV – find the link to the full article below) 1. Do your research The very first tip to consider comes well before you start writing your CV… Researching your target roles. For your CV to be successful, it needs to contain the skills and experience that […]

Sharing a Facebook post is not helping

Social media has provided a great platform for spreading information and raising awareness. We are so much more aware now about global issues and we raise our voice for them. We make posts supporting different organizations and campaigns to spread awareness to our friends and family. But is it enough? The answer is no. Spreading […]

What to do before starting your career?

Every year millions of people graduate university and start looking for jobs. That’s a lot of people competing with each other to get the position they desire. Once you do get a job, that means 40+ hours of work per week for the rest of your life. When you’re working, it will not as easy […]

Do this or you will never find a job!

Having finished your Bachelor’s degree is a great thing. You are finally done and can go out into the world and start working. But it’s also a time of many questions. Should I continue studying and go for a Master’s degree? Should I just start working?   It was Julius Caesar who said “Experience is […]

Masters? Not Yet

So you just finished your Bachelor right? You’re thinking what to do next and you’re considering doing a Master. Let me tell you why you should wait. These days, we live in a very competitive world where getting the job you want, can be difficult. There are lots of people applying and they all have […]