Do this or you will never find a job!

Having finished your Bachelor’s degree is a great thing. You are finally done and can go out into the world and start working. But it’s also a time of many questions. Should I continue studying and go for a Master’s degree? Should I just start working?


It was Julius Caesar who said “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

While it is great to be at university to learn all things theoretical and make sure you have an understanding of your preferred subject, it is absolutely vital that you get some experience before entering the working world.


Everyone knows that already. Most people who are hiring are already expecting you to have some kind of experience in the field, but what can you do to distinguish yourself from the masses?

The answer is simple. Go abroad. Show your employers that you are able to work in an international team, that you have the communication skills to work with practically anybody, that you can work well in new environments, that you value the input of different people to reach the best possible end result. This is what employers will be impressed by, this is what will get you ahead.


According to NACE’s Job Outlook survey, 80% of employers are looking for people who have some kind of leadership experience. One of our fundamental values in AIESEC is to develop leadership in young people as we believe that it is the fundamental solution to the world’s issues. We try to do this with our exchange programs, to put young people in challenging situations and through that develop this and many more skills in them.


Apart from all of those facts, another reason to go abroad for your internship is just simply to go abroad. You have a lot of time when you are young to experience the world and see other places. By traveling abroad for your internship, you can combine traveling with gaining work experience. You will have the option to immerse yourself in a different culture and actually experience it much more closely and who knows, maybe you will discover that place as a potential place to start your future.

So don’t hesitate and Internationalise your Professional Life.

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