Activate your potential

Developing the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships.

Enabling both employers and organisations
to connect with a global network of talent.


Develop yourself while contributing to the Global Goals.

We are one of the world’s largest providers of high-calibre youth talent and volunteers. We develop the next generation of leaders and connect them with businesses and NGO’s.

We proudly count a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and numerous world, business and NGO leaders amongst our one million strong alumni community. To date, we’ve delivered over 480,000 internship and volunteering experiences, and it’s all been led by young leaders who believe in making the world a better place.


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AIESEC for Young People

Empower your university experience with real opportunities. We don’t tell you how to do it, but enable you to try, fail, and succeed.  You can intern, volunteer abroad or even lead a team.

We enable you to feel a shared responsibility for the world and provide you with the tools to change it.

Volunteer abroad

See the world not as a tourist, but as a local. Our volunteering opportunities around the world have inspired countless thousands of AIESECers to pursue pro-social causes in their future lives and careers.

Intern abroad

Gain global experience and develop new skills. Our internship programs help ambitious, bright young people throw themselves into challenging roles with a wide range of companies around the world.

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From multinationals to startups, we can help.

Learn how partnering with AIESEC
can strengthen your talent pipeline,
employer branding, and access
to global youth insights.


We can help connect you with some of the brightest and most ambitious young minds on the planet. Our interns come equipped with skills and expertise from around the world to help companies grow and reach out to new markets.


Our partnerships with inspiring NGOs around the world have allowed our members to participate in tens of thousands of placements, providing skills and expertise where needed and seeing the global benefit of pro-social causes.


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