Masters? Not Yet

So you just finished your Bachelor right? You’re thinking what to do next and you’re considering doing a Master. Let me tell you why you should wait.

These days, we live in a very competitive world where getting the job you want, can be difficult. There are lots of people applying and they all have a degree and certain qualifications. So how can you differentiate yourself from the crowd and actually get the position you want?

Do something that not everyone is doing. During your studies it can be hard to gain experience in the field which most people who are hiring demand. However, as soon as you finish your Bachelor, instead of going straight to your Master, you should take some time off and work.

You actually get a better understanding of your subject. When you’re studying, there is a lot of theory and you educate yourself but it can be difficult to imagine how to actually apply this knowledge. Once you do an internship and you get to see all of it in practice, as soon as you begin your Master studies again, you will comprehend the theory much better because you will be able to visualize it.

Once you start your job, you are not as flexible anymore as you were as a student. You should really take this time to also go abroad and travel, to see the world while you’re still young.

With AIESEC, you get to do all that. You can go on a Global Talent internship. You get to go abroad, and work in a field of your choice, while gaining an understanding of international affairs and deepening your practical knowledge, which will undoubtedly be an incredible asset to your experience and will surely look very impressive to any person hiring you later in life.

You will also feel much more secure when you enter the professional world, if you have been part of it before. It will not seem new to you and you will get accustomed to your new position much easier and will succeed much more.

Doing an internship after finishing your Bachelor’s degree can catapult you forward and you will surely not regret it.

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