Career Days are back!

It is a pleasure for us to announce you that the long-awaited moment has arrived: Career Days will take place between the 9th and 10th of June 2016 in Vienna.


This great event, as you may already know, gives you an opportunity to engage and interact with numerous students through workshops and presentations. You will have the opportunity to show them the different career opportunities they can choose. By talking to them you will have the chance to establish a link to the next generation, the one that will shape society´s future. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get insight into the everyday concerns of our youth and maybe the future of your company.


Last year the event took place from the 10th to the 12th of June 2015 in Vienna.  It started with a business presentation followed by conversations with the different managers of our partners. Afterwards the participants faced a real case study where they had the opportunity to get to know the companies better and get closer to their business culture, visions and values. Next we had some workshops, which gave both, managers and students, a better perspective of the the economy and society. After that we had one-on-one interviews to answer questions or ask for internships. It all ended with a pleasant networking lounge.


So as to allow you to have an idea of what the event is like, our main partner DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG, for instance, started off their program with a troubleshooting session, in which the participants worked on solutions for real world challenges. The next day they had the chance to visit a production facility and the DO&CO owned coffee house Demel and Haas Haus at Stephansplatz. On the third day, together with the participants, they organised a Summer Lounge at WU – An open event for everybody to get to know the company while enjoying a cool smoothie.

Last year, after the event we conducted a survey between our partners and the result was very positive. Most of them thought it was an event which helped them with their employer branding, positioning, recruiting, getting an insight into the student market and many other things.
But not only our partners, but also the participants were highly satisfied with the event too. They valued this event as the missing link between the theory taught at university and its practical application in the business world, so that they showed a really high engagement.


For detailed information about the partners and their sessions or more or visit the website and our Facebook page .Once it was said that opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. So do not miss this one and be part of this amazing event!

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