Getting to know more about professional experience in a global mindset

On June 9th 2015, students of various fields in Vienna got to meet two experts sharing their experiences in the Global marketing and teaching field.

Mr. Victor Soto, Partner Development Manager at PioneersHQ, also convinced us of his opinion that the future is shaped by what we do today. He gave us insight into his professional experience on how to manage the cultural differences of the stakeholders he does interact with. Mrs. Fariba Soltani, Project Manager at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, showed us, on the other hand, what it meant to live in different worlds and cultures and gave precious tips on how to manage living in a global environment and get to where she is now. Global Talent Insight

The two-hour-long, moderated panel discussion was livened up by curious questions and lively discussions by the audience as well as the small jokes and puns made. Additionally, it was possible to get to know the presenters on a personal basis while enjoying coffee, cake and small snacks afterwards. We enjoyed the evening and we hope you did too.

Thank you everyone for joining us in this opportunity and we hope to see you all in the next one.

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