Recipe for success

Imagine having an idea that no one before you has had. Imagine making that idea a reality and your invention benefitting the world. A lot of us dream of that moment, to create something truly useful that will improve people’s lives. Nowadays, this is easier than before. There are many startups that have truly unique ideas at their core. Because of the digital age we live in, there are virtually no limits to what we can create. But what does it take to be a pioneer?

Well the most important thing, is to not set out to become a pioneer. If your goal is just to invent something or to create something that hasn’t been created before, then chances are high that it will never happen. You have to discover your passion, something you enjoy doing, immerse yourself in it and then you can start working on creating something that doesn’t exist.

The best ideas come at the most random moments. Like J. K. Rowling for example, she had the first idea of Harry Potter on a train ride and now it is one of the most popular books of all time. You never know when you will think of something incredible, but there is no point in stressing it or forcing it.

“People who end up as ‘first’ don’t actually set out to be first. They set out to do something they love” – Condoleza Rice.

The recipe for success isn’t money or being a genius. It means doing something you love, pursuing it and eventually you will be successful. That doesn’t mean that everyone who is doing something they love will suddenly have a million dollar idea, but at least they will be happy with what they’re doing.


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