Our world is constantly changing. With markets becoming more dynamic and diverse than ever before, organizations across the world are looking for the most active individuals; those who standout by striving to make a positive change in our society while driving their own development forward.

With AIESEC you have the opportunity to develop those soft and hard skills that are treasured by employers everywhere. From public speaking to building a multicultural, international network of young people, we give you the space to challenge yourself, making a difference in your development and in that of others.

Check out how our Youth Talent Program makes your development possible, with 3 focuses, either Sales, Project Management or Business, you are guaranteed to have an experience that will for sure make you get out of your comfort zone and explore your leadership potential. Apply now to become a member of AIESEC in Austria by joining our Youth Talent program.





We ask you a few questions so we get to know you better. After you fill in the application form, you will receive a confirmation from us
The first selection is based on a few criteria. You will know the result the next day after the application deadline. Check your email and your phone!
After being preselected, you will be invited for a day to get to know AIESEC better, as well as the teams you could be in.
This is the chance for us to get to know you better. How do you work in groups? In which team you could develop the most? etc.
We contact you and give you the results.
The Local Induction Conference is a chance to get knowledge, skills and information about AIESEC and to start building your network.

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 These are some examples of our members, telling about their experiences in AIESEC.