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Activating Leadership since 1948

"We are very grateful to be able to support the work of AIESEC and it´s given opportunities towards young people. Thanks for enabling us to be part of this great journey. We at Wien Energie are very much looking forward to future cooperation and the joint development of new opportunities."
Andrea König
Wien Energie


In October 2019, AIESEC welcomed Hilti as new Partner to one of our four annual national Conferences, in which we happily introduced Hilti to more that 70 Members of the Organisation. Within 30min, they gave an introduction, emphasising on the values of Hilti and how we as Organisations connect. Many questions later, a common dinner concluded the evening, leaving AIESEC’s Membership to rate the space with over 9 out of a total score of 10. After conference spaces, we ask our membership to feedback and evaluate all spaces including partner ones. A compiled report with feedback and further steps will be discussed at a common debrief.

What We Offer

Showcase your company’s unique organisational culture and position yourself as a top place to work among our membership. As the world’s largest youth-run organisation, one of our most important and unique touch-points are our Leadership Conferences held on national, regional, and even global levels gathering from 100 all the way to around 10,000 AIESEC Members multiple times per year. By being present in our Conferences, you get access to young, diverse talent with volunteering experience and leadership skills.

Add a competitive advantage to your business in todays fast pace market. Through Global Talent we enable international, young professionals to gain international work experience and kickstart their career. By bringing in profiles from fields that are lacking in Austria, we build bridge for companies to to reach talents from all over the world, whilst developing Youth.

Widen your CSR reach with AIESEC! Be able to double or even triple your impact, with the help of our network. The project can be customised to suit your vision and your desired impact.

YouthSpeak Forum is the part of the Youth4GlobalGoals Campaign, a global initiative created by AIESEC and the United Nations in 2015 to mobilise youth towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For an entire day, we aim to inspire our delegates through keynotes, panel discussions und workshops facilitated by our partners who demonstrate how sustainable progress can be achieved through their activities. This will be accompanied by a networking fair where our delegates will have the opportunity to connect with our partners and learn more about their work and vice versa. The main purpose of YouthSpeak Forum is to empower and inform our delegates on how it’s possible for them to contribute towards the implementation of the SDGs, hence our motto #iChooseAction. In their workshops, delegates will have professional guidance towards creating these projects.

We tailor our solutions according to your company’s needs. Book a meeting now and we can discuss ways to assist you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do with AIESEC?

AIESEC helps you reach your targeted youth! We can help you access an international talent pool, achieve your CSR and Employer Branding Goals, do Campaigns with us, join our events and much more!

Are we restricted to Austria?

AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organisation. We have a network not only in Austria but also regionally and globally!

Who can we contact?

You can book a short meeting under: or email me:

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