Devoted to food sustainability. This Summer, AIESEC is working on the Mahlzeit Austria project, to promote sustainable production and consumption, one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want youth in Austria to learn to think global, but eat local.

on food sustainability

“Focusing on food waste, AIESEC volunteers are in Vienna to deliver workshops to children on food sustainability. I tagged along my friends and fellow volunteers Maria, Olia, Lasha and Daria as they developed these workshops. Let’s go!”

First workshop completed!

“At Mahlzeit Austria, volunteers such as Daria and Olia are promoting one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to youth. Here’s a run down of the some volunteers’ experience with their first workshop. What did they learn and what will they do differently in the coming weeks? Let’s find out.”


The Roots Camp: back to roots Lifestyle

“Living without running water, electricity and the luxuries of modern life, AIESEC volunteers realized that you don’t need these things to have an amazing experience. Hanna learned that we must respect nature if we want our planet to thrive. Here she reflects on on her summer experience”

The Wiener Tafel market:
Small acts can make a Change

“AIESEC Global Volunteers participating in the Mahlzeit Austria Project worked with Wiener Tafel. Join them on their day to discover more about what the non-profit does and how they are reducing food waste helping Austria to fight with this issue.”

Gardening at City farm

As part of the Mahlzeit Austria project, some volunteers are working at Augarten, a community garden in Vienna. There, they are promoting sustainable food growth and the value of growing one’s own food to Austrian youth.

 The team behind Mahlzeit.

Organizing a meaningful, educational and impactful volunteer project doesn’t happen just by accident. Many AIESEC members have been working hard for many months, to reach out to NGOs and farms, manage applications from hundreds of young people from all over the world, and support our volunteers logistically. Here are a few who deserve special recognition!

Anna Balashova

Project Head

Stella Langthaler

Team Leader

Anne van den Huijsen

Team Member

Valerie Christ

Team Member

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