A Survival Guide For Your AIESEC International Internship

You just got accepted to your dream internship, in a completely different country you are dying to explore. The anticipation can be just as stressful as it is exciting, so what now? Here’s a few tips to guide you through your international experience!

Prior to your departure, remember to:
find reasonable accommodation (you don’t need anything fancy, be wary of scams)
learn the language and cultural norms (if applicable)
set aside extra pocket-money (to go out to eat, buy souvenirs and possibly travelling on your days off)

During your time abroad…

1. Determine clear goals

At your orientation, make sure you determine clear professional goals with your supervisor, so you can look back on your time there and appreciate the growth you’ve experienced. You can also set some personal goals for yourself!

2. Keep an open mind

It’s normal to have expectations, but be open to any opportunities that come your way. Don’t stick to your home-work-home endless cycle. There’s lots to learn about. Get out of your comfort zone, discover some hidden gems of the country and blend in with the locals, you’re in for many surprises.

3. Connect with your coworkers

While your main focus should be on the work you’re responsible for, make sure to take the time to get to know the people you see everyday. Join company events or after-work get-togethers, you could make great friends who contribute to your experience immensely.

4. Network, network, network

New professional relationships can bring you more (international) opportunities for work later on. Actively participate in conversations and be proactive so you’re a memorable intern for the company!

5. Mingle outside of work

There’s more to this experience than your work bubble: neighbours or other people you casually meet who are also your age can make it that much more fun! Leisure time is an important part of your experience. Balance is key!

6. Always have a backup plan

Make safety a priority, have an exit strategy and a way to get home at all times. Memorize a taxi or a friend’s number or the directions to the nearest bus stop. You don’t want to find yourself completely lost, sometimes at weird hours, because all you know is your commute from home to work. Hopefully you’ll never really need this information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Don’t fear asking for help

No one expects you to just know how everything works from the get go. In order for you to make a significant impact you need to know what you’re doing, no one’s gonna judge you for trying hard to be a good worker!

8. Get letters of recommendation before you leave

This is a very valuable document for future employment opportunities. Not only that, but your superiors will be able to truly reflect on your contribution to their company. It’ll give you the perfect “mission accomplished” feeling.

Ultimately, this will be a unique experience which you have full control over. AIESEC will support you along the way and we wish you the best of luck and success on your international journey!

AIESEC Internships: 6 Countries You’ll Want To Work in

As a curious and proactive young person, you probably try to take advantage of every opportunity you find for your own personal development.

AIESEC has partnered with over 1300 companies around the world to bring you internship options abroad, and we successfully delivered about 6000 experiences just last year. Our goal is to develop leadership qualities, soft skills and hard skills in youth through practical experiences in challenging environments without losing the cross-cultural aspect that represents our organization.

There are many fields you can choose to intern in, such as Business Administration, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, IT, Engineering, among others – our experience managers will help you find the opportunity that best fits your profile, and will assist you throughout the whole process.

The durations vary and you can choose the one that you’re most interested in:

  • short-term internships last for 6 to 8 weeks and include either accommodation or a salary
  • medium to long-term internships last for 9 to 79 weeks (2 months to 1 year and a half) and a salary is always provided

As we’ve explained in one of our previous blog posts, AIESEC in Austria has established a few international partnerships that we particularly recommend.

Let’s take a look at a few of our open positions and learn where AIESEC can take you for a professional internship!



Program Coordinator (The Synergist) – The company’s main role is to act as an incubator: they identify the right people and organizations, bring them together, provide overall strategic direction and coordination. In parallel they manage fundraising, communications and technical development. You will help ensuring planned activities run smoothly, on time and to a high-quality standard, including project management, solution development, meeting and logistics organization and partners and collaborators engagement.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 1 year

Compensation: 1300 EUR /month. Computer and transportation provided.

Community Management Coordinator (UCB) – The Global Medical Information team (7 people) is responsible for ensuring the overall Medical Information community across the company (about 100 people in global, regional and local roles) is enabled through technology, processes and organization. The Community Management Coordinator will closely collaborate with the Global Medical Information team, supporting Medical Information ways of working, communication/engagement, community building and capability development.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 1 year

Compensation: 1450 EUR /month. Computer provided.



Talent Management & Acquisition Project Support (DHL) – You will assist the CoE Talent Management/Acquisition, Certified L&D in diverse tasks. This role will provide effective Project and Program support to a number of CoE solutions including: DHL Supply Chain Talent Management Cycle, learning platform admin, Reporting/Controlling and PowerBI Dashboards. You will communicate with counterparts across the world.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 1 year

Compensation: 1655 EUR /month. Accommodation and computer provided.

Global Sales Training Coordinator (DHL) – The primary aim is to support and coordinate the development, roll-out and maintenance of the centralized sales training program (CIS Sales) to the entire DHL Express sales force in support of continuously improving sales force effectiveness across sales channels. Strong focus on creating return on learning and development investment.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 1 year

Compensation: 1600 EUR /month. Accommodation and computer provided.



Marketing Trainee (Three Happy Brewers) – Worldwide flavors, passionately crafted in Bucharest. Beer is a craft that people have reinvented and personalized throughout the centuries and all over the world. This company aspires to become its ultimate craftsmen. The trainee has to devise promotional and branding strategies, optimize corporate communications, nurture client relationships, or manage products or brands. The trainee is an essential part of creating a forceful, immediately recognizable market identity.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Compensation: Accommodation provided.

Back-end Developer (AIE) – This company has one clear goal: To bring a Data Science approach to the medical world. A back-end developer trainee is responsible for implementing new or extending existing API views with Python and R languages. Some of the trainee’s responsibilities will be: implementing new backend business logic, creating and updating unit tests, debugging potential problems to find solutions and adopting continuous integration techniques.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Compensation: Accommodation provided.



Front-end Engineer (Cobiro) – Cobiro is a fully automated machine learning platform helping companies to turn their website into high-quality Google & Facebook ads. They are looking for talented Angular developers who primarily want to learn and develop their skills by creating the highest quality solutions! You’ll learn about and apply domain modeling, advanced test automation techniques, advanced architectures of large applications and advanced techniques of angular components.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 3-6 months

Compensation: 5500 PLN or 1205 EUR /month. Computer provided.

Partner Coordinator (Handelot) – Handelot is the world’s leading professional trading floor for consumer electronics wholesalers with customers on every corner of the world. They offer a unique business trading platform to their partners where professionals can increase revenues safely with continuous personalized support, which the intern will provide. Ideal candidate will be dedicated, hard working, empathetic and a quick thinker, with great communication skills.

Working hours: 8am – 4pm

Duration: 6-18 months

Compensation: 3000 PLN or 657 EUR /month. Computer provided.



Digital Marketing Intern (Timescales) – Specialists in commercial relationships within the Iberian market. The team has extensive experience in retail business management and modern distribution. The intern will be responsible for the analysis, measurement and creation of strategies to increase traffic on the company website and for the development and management of digital campaigns on social media.

Working hours: 9am – 6pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Compensation: Accommodation, computer and 1 meal/day provided.

Sales Representative (Futah) – Futah uses their Atlantic inspiration to create unique garments and accessories with an innovative design and Portuguese soul. Your role will be to provide complete and appropriate solutions for each client in order to drive revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability. Main responsibilities include managing partnerships and implementing sales strategies, in synergy with the marketing department.

Working hours: 10am – 7pm

Duration: 3 months

Compensation: Accommodation, computer and 1 meal/day provided.



Digitization Intern (Procter & Gamble) – This digitization internship is focused on converting paperwork into digital work. You will have the chance to work in a multinational company and collaborate on international projects. You will have the chance to try different roles and positions, and in the end, you will choose what you enjoy the most.

Working hours: 9am – 5pm

Duration: 6-18 months

Compensation: 37000 CZK or 1428 EUR /month. Accommodation and computer provided.

Marketing and Business Development Trainee (goNET) – goNET is one of the biggest internet companies in the country. As an intern you will use your communication skills, creativity, efficiency and proactivity – blend them together, and help them expand to Belgium! You will gain experience in an international, outgoing work environment in a successful company. This opportunity is exclusive to French proficient speakers.

Working hours: 8am – 4pm

Duration: 6-12 weeks

Compensation: 350 EUR /month. Accommodation provided.


You can find further details about eligibility, requirements, logistics, selection process and job description by clicking in each title. But you can also explore other countries and find more open positions here.

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Importance of continuous personal development

Many young people who are willing to do an internship abroad have a natural desire to learn. Sometimes it is not obligatory for them to do an internship, however they really want to do it because of many great benefits and also to develop themselves. Besides various advantages of an internship, this personal desire for continuous self development is also important for the working life of young people. But why is being eager to develop oneself so essential for a company?


People who seek for continuous personal development are a big factor of human capital for a company. They can be an inspiration for other employees and their aspirations and dreams can be cost saving, time saving and much more for a company.

Motivated people can fight obstacles much easier than people who aren’t. They are willing to learn from their mistakes, take the responsibility and the possibility to gain new experience. This is a characteristic which is very important for every employee of a company. In realizing your weaknesses, you can also fix them quicker.

Furthermore, self-confidence is another characteristic that usually comes with continuous personal development. Being confident is a significant attribute for employees which helps them to work independently and is also helpful for decision-making. Being self-confident increases the performance of employees and is supportive for achieving goals. Moreover, self-confident people can motivate others with their positive attitude and they are able to create an improved working climate. Further on, they are more relaxed when meeting new people and are not dependent on judgments of others.

Due to this various characteristics that come along with continuous personal development it is essential to have motivated people in your company. Young people are eager to learn continuously and are because of that and many other reasons a huge enrichment for your company.