How to Save Money on Your Trip

You probably have already cancelled your dream trip several times due to lack of money; because you need to pay for the tuition fees and accommodation. Unfortunately, you don’t have money trees growing in your back yard. And once again you locked your dream in the cupboard of unfulfilled hopes. We decided to help you and make a list of tips on how to save money on the trip. Don’t hide your key too far away; you might finally open your cupboard after reading this blog.

1. Be prepared

If you want to save money on your trip, you always need to be prepared for it.

Ask your friends, who’ve been in the country you are going to, about cheap hostels, cafes and stores. They might even have friends who will be willing to host you for free.

Don’t spend money on travel guides.

We are sure you will not need it after you are done with your trip. Because you will know more about San Jose in Costa Rica or Cairo in Egypt than any travel guide author does.Go to your local library and read travel books for free, make notes or as most people do these days, just take pictures of the most interesting pages.

Create a couch surfing account.

You don’t even know how thankful all travelers for are.  One of the most useful apps for people who like to travel and make friends all over the world. Through this website you will be able to find a free accommodation and get to know the locals, who are always happy to spend time with foreign travelers and show them a city. You just need to write to a person and ask if he/she is able to show you the city and just spend a good time together. They can also give you advices on how to save money in their city and what places aremust-see.

If you are taking a plane, we suggest you to fly on the midweek day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest times, and try and avoid holiday periods. Some airlines have good deals for students, so use your age and always ask about student discounts.

 Try to choose off-peak times. Going off-season is cheaper and less crowded.


2. Free stuff is fun!

Many things to see and do are absolutely free like catch a magnificent sunset or sunrise in Cairo (Egypt), play in the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paolo (Brazil) and swim at the Playa de las Catedralesbeach  (Spain).

Walk as much as you can walk. Get active and see things at a slower pace – walking is free.You can experience more just by wandering around a city and getting lost, talking with locals, and watching people. Explore local markets, wander and take photos, or even hike to the top of a hill for an awesome view.

3. Eat away from the tourist places.

You can just go one street or one block over and it will usually be much cheaper and more authentic!

We also would suggest you try to cook for yourself, if you have an available kitchen. You can experience new cookware, supermarkets and if your host has free time ask him/her to teach you how to cook local cuisine. We promise, it will be fun!

Try and avoid dinner because restaurants raise prices. Fancy lunches are often much less expensive than dinners.

4. Shop for souvenirs, clothes and food where the locals shop. Look for weekend markets and outlet stores.


5. Avoid taxis.

We understand that it much easier just to call a taxi and a driver will get you to a place you need. But it can be insanely expensive.

Use public transport where possible.  It costs you less, and is a more authentic travelling experience.

Rent a bike! Looks like this way of transportation has only advantages: cheap price, more comfortable than a bus, slightly faster pace than walking and helps you to stay in shape.


We hope you are now ready to open your cupboard and finally let your dreams come true! Using these tips you will get out of your comfort zone and gain a new experience. Make a first step and create the memories that will make your life an endless adventure.

Happy travels!

Author: Aigerim Mambetova