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Our team consists of 7 driven individuals representing five different nationalities. The leadership body of AIESEC is globally, nationally and locally elected on yearly basis. The ever-evolving dynamic nature of AIESEC enables it to stay true to the roots of being youth-run for youth, since its founding in 1948.

Vanja Marić

Vanja is the Country Director of AIESEC in Austria with five years of experience in working NGOs and NPOs. Her responsibilities include, team management, governance of the organisation, ensuring quality processes and strategy creation and downscaling.

Alia’ has also previously worked in the business development which allowed her to expand her knowledge and skills to project management, sales and project implementation. In her free time, Alia’ enjoys doing sports, reading a book or going for long coffee walks

Head of Marketing & PR and Partnerships Development

Gunel Gurbanova

Gunel Gurbanova is the Country Director for Marketing & PR and Partnership Development with five years experience in working in NGOs. Gunel specialises in crafting and implementing innovative digital marketing strategies, fostering partnerships, and driving impactful campaigns. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Gunel excels in building relationships, managing cross-functional teams, and leveraging her exceptional communication skills to create strong Brand reputation. Gunel uses her skills to ensure developed Brand management with measurable results and adapting innovative ways to improve it. In her free time, Gunel enjoys to go for a walk and take a nice pictures around her, reading books and discovering new places.
Head of Finance & Project Management

Nikola Hrustić

Olga Yurkevich is the Country Director for Human Resources and Legalities with four years of experience in working in NGOs. Olga specialises in the Recruitment of Talents, Membership education, Performance management, Creation and adaptation of operational contracts, as well as in the formation and the downscaling process of organizational strategies. Olga uses her skills to ensure a strong and developed Membership, and contributes to constant area improvements through data-driven decisions.

In her free time, Olga enjoys going on hikes and visiting museums and theaters.

Head of Incoming Exchanges

Sonja Lučić

Sonja Lučić is the Country Director for Incoming Exchanges with three years of experience working with youth, leading diverse teams, collaborating with NGOs and startups, and organizing educational programs for primary and high school students. She specializes in operations, recruitment of international talents, project management, and sales management. Positive impact, determination, and creativity are the attributes that define Sonja, as she is always ready to immerse herself in challenging environments and assist others in overcoming their fears while helping them discover their strengths and talents.
Head of HR & Organizational Development

Rana Baibars

Minh Nguyen is the Country Director for Business Development with six years of experience working in NGOs, StartUps, SMEs and enterprises. Minh specializes in partnership & business development, sales, and in creating organizational strategies. Minh uses their skills and attitude to make sure everyone is feeling well and to motivate others to succeed. In their free time, Minh likes to cook, be creative and read books.
Head of Outgoing Exchanges

Marta Kostić

Cristian is the Country Director for Outgoing Global Exchanges with seven of experience working in NGOs, SMEs and enterprises. Cristian specializes in Operations, marketing, team management and in creating organizational strategies. In their free time, Cristian likes to go to hike, take landscape photos, watch Ted talks and discover new cultures.