5 Common Mistakes While Traveling

With Summer around the corner, we thought we would share five common mistakes for you to watch out for on your upcoming trip! 

  1. Not buying insurance.  One of the biggest investments one should take forward is travel insurance. Insurance that covers emergency medical expenses beyond your country’s borders. Often it can also extend to covering all cancellation fee may an emergency arrive. 
  2.  Arranging transportation from the wrong airport. One city with two or more airports that sound the same? It might deem as self-explanatory, but better be safe than sorry because these things do happen. Leave your self 30 seconds to double check the airport on your ticket before arranging transportation. 
  3. Not checking Visa requirements. As previously stated, might seem self-explanatory but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s also worth mentioning to be aware of how long in advance you need to apply for your visa as some might take a number of days up to a couple of weeks. 
  4. Touristic vs Authentic. Don’t get trapped in the touristic part of traveling! Step out into the authentic whilst your there. Listen to local recommendations when available and do not solely rely on travel books. Plus point is that local areas tend to be cheaper than the touristic ones. 
  5.  Being culturally insensitive. Take the initiative to step out of your comfort zone, to understand the local reality and new cultures. An open mind will help you absorb the culture and help you gain better understanding thus developing your world view. 

These things can be deemed as intimidating if you are a beginner traveler or if you’re traveling alone. Good news is that when volunteering with AIESEC, we cover all of these bases. We ensure and handle simple insurance and visa processes before you leave, we arrange airport pickup from AIESECers upon your arrival and you get a taste of life in that respective country by volunteering towards one of the Sustainable Development Goals! Find your perfect fit at aiesec.org