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Borders are closed, flights are canceled and you don’t know when you will pack your suitcase again. Although we know that we have to stay at home for our own safety, we all can’t wait for the next trip. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore other places right now. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can get a sense of traveling even during the quarantine.

1.Read a book about the other side of the world

Read a travel guide. Yes, those books with tips on what you should visit in another country and other useful information about the destination. We know that you go on Instagram to search for cool places, but give it a try. If you are a big fan of fiction ― go for a story that takes place somewhere else in the world. For example, the novel ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts ― let yourself be inspired by its vivid portrayal of bubbly life in Bombay.

2. Make traditional food

One thing people start doing more in quarantine is obviously eating. But why not make it more entertaining and cook a dish from another cuisine. Do some research on the internet and pamper yourself with a Mexican taco, Ukrainian dumplings, or Thai tom yum soup. Next time you are traveling, you will know what to search for.

3. Watch a movie about another country

Doesn’t matter if it’s a YouTube travel show, a Netflix documentary, or a foreign soap-opera as long as it feels completely different from home. But there is one thing that you seriously have to watch. We are talking about ‘Kedi’, the most adorable movie ever about cats and kittens enjoying their life along the streets of Istanbul. Take a rest from scrolling your news feed and let the Turkish music, city views, and cats calm you down. Meow!

4. Plan your next trip

Sometimes planning is as enjoyable as what we actually plan. Don’t take this pleasure away from yourself and think of places you want to go to as soon as we can travel again. Look for a tourist must-see, places to try national cuisine, or where to take the most stunning photos. Now you actually have time to arrange everything from scratch so don’t miss it.

5. Learn some words in another language

There is hardly something more useful for a trip than knowing how to speak the basics of a local language. Take some time to practice saying ‘hello’ in Arabic or how to shop in Spanish. Luckily for you, there are dozens of free resources online and maybe you’re going to speak a new language after the quarantine is over. Vamos Habibi!

6. Try out a daily routine of someone from another culture

When we have our usual working or studying routine, most of the time we are not in the mood to try something new. But now when you’re supposed to stay at home almost 24/7, which we hope you do, you can check out some routine features from the other cultures. Take a siesta for example. The main point is not blaming yourself for taking a nap even if you’re not tired. You’re not lazy, you’re Spanish today!

7. Get to know someone from another country

In the time of social-distancing, staying in touch with people is important. Find yourself a pen pal from another country to ask them dozens of questions about their culture. What is the best national dish in their country, the most popular bar, and if there are some weird language expressions ― why not find out?

8. Do virtual museum tours

Will there be a better time to visit the most popular museums virtually? Hopefully not. But while it’s the only option you have, walk down the digital corridors of the Louvre and the British Museum and take some screenshots.

9. Make a travel board

Create a picture board with photos, postcards, and tickets from your previous trips
Let yourself be as nostalgic and emotional as possible and appreciate all the amazing experiences that you’ve had so far. Take your time to enjoy the process and put the board in a visible place. Now smile every time you see it. Good job!


Written by Rita Papakina