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When you ask people what they like the most, the most common answer is usually travelling.
Everyone likes having fun, meeting new people and creating memorable experiences.
However, if you wait too much; you will find yourself stuck in a routine that won’t allow you
to ‘leave’. Lack of money, lack of time, business, family, and practically anything could affect
your future travel decision. Therefore, you should take every opportunity as it happens, the
sooner the better. Here are some reasons why you should travel and why you should do so,
as soon as you have the time.

1. Open your mind

Travelling opens your mind in a way that you do not expect. Every place you go you will meet
new people with a different cultural background, customs, and ideas. From there you will
learn to open your perspective and look at things in a new way. You will have the chance to
learn new things and at the same time become more open to new ways of life and in general
learn to appreciate life more. Every person has a unique story and background, only by being
in contact with them you’ll be able to understand the beauty of this diversity.

2. Leave your comfort zone

Sometimes daily life forces people to be under certain constraints, such as, duties, moral,
education, religion or the similar. On the contrary, travelling will allow you to be free in
discovering who you want to be, where and whenever you want. You can experience a new
side of your own personality and in the end, you’ll find yourself to be more confident and
independent, because everything you did was without your family or friends’ help.

3. You choose

You are the protagonist of your experience. And in an ideal situation you should be free from
stress and concerns; thus, travelling is the best opportunity to discover new passions, plan
new trips, reconsider past hobbies, and enjoy every moment along the way with your loved
ones. In this way you will fuel your energy with positivity, coming back home with good
stories to share and at the end reflect the changes you would like to make in your past

4. Develop other skills

Travelling will give you valuable skills to employ in your personal, but also professional
career. A new environment always comes with new challenges that you have never faced
before. You need to adapt and react to new and unexpected circumstances. This way you will
develop new, soft and hard skills.

5. International friends

Being a traveller is different than being a tourist. Once you immerse yourself in a new culture
you cannot ‘avoid’ learning their language, asking questions and exploring. This will let you
meet locals or other curious like you, making friends who share your passion and creating
relationships that go beyond the distance.

Once you start, you cannot stop. Travelling becomes a habit and even a need. Staying in one
place gets boring and I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to visit friends, search for
new events, find cheap plane tickets, all as an excuse to travel somewhere new. What about
you? !


Written by Noemi Fiore