How I decided to go on a volunteering experience with AIESEC

Approximately one year ago, I took the decision of going on a volunteering experience with AIESEC. I had known about this organization already, due to the fact that some of my friends have been abroad, participating and working within different projects in different NGOs. What has impressed me heavily was the whole process that was conveyed by AIESEC, which consisted of an application, a following travel plan and accommodation on-site. I also know people in my immediate circle of acquaintances, who worked within several positions in AIESEC and told me some more information, which finally convinced me to take the chance go on an amazing and overwhelming volunteering experience abroad. Furthermore, participating in a volunteering project or, more precisely, spending some time in another country, getting to know its culture and, at the same time, the possibility of helping other people, has always been something, that I absolutely wanted to experience.


Vanessa Moser


Something that also attracted me to AIESEC was their commitment to the SDGs. During my studies I was often confronted with the importance of the “Sustainable Development Goals” and I have always tried to gain necessary skills and specific knowledge regarding the support of their achievement.

There are 17 SDGs and, of course, everyone rates another as important. For me, one of the most important things in life, especially in early years, is a fair and equal access to education. Later on, it offers you a wide range of professional and personal possibilities and everyone should have the chance to visit school or to enroll in university, regardless of origin or social background. Therefore, it felt like a natural step for me to apply for one of so many different projects that AIESEC offers, which all help to strengthen specific SDGs.

In less than one year, I will be a part of the educational project “WE SPEAK” in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. I will spend six weeks on a mission of supporting children in the process of learning English as a second language. The very special thing about it is, that these children do not have the opportunity to learn a second language. With this project, we are not only helping them to provide basic knowledge in English but also promoting the importance of a second language.

I am aware, that times are uncertain, rough and, in some cases, scary. But this should not prevent us from helping other people, or at least planning to do so. We are living in fast-moving times, where the situation could change every month, every week, or even every day and therefore, we should be prepared to help as many people as possible. Social cohesion has become very essential during the past year. It has become more important than ever  to help those, who haven’t been that lucky in life, or are currently not, and those who need help anytime.


                                                                                                                                      Written by Vanessa Moser