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If you haven’t heard about us yet: Hi! Nice to meet you. AIESEC is an independent, non-political and not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. We provide cross-cultural volunteering and internship experiences abroad, in order to develop leadership skills in youth. Our opportunities are aimed at people between 18 and 30 years old, and we’ve delivered almost half a million experiences since 1948.

Even though we’re present in over 120 countries and territories, AIESEC in Austria has established a number of international partnerships. This means that even though there are experiences available for you all over the world, there’s certain destinations that we particularly recommend because:

  1. The process is usually faster, from the moment you apply to the approval;
  2. We can guarantee good assistance with logistics throughout your journey;
  3. Feedback and data from previous experiences showed that these countries are the best.

So where can you go on a volunteering experience with AIESEC?



Probably one of the most popular destinations, for obvious reasons. If you’ve dreamt about visiting Venice, Milan or Rome, this is your chance! You’ll be able to enjoy Italy’s art and architecture by visiting the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City or indulging in authentic Italian food in Florence while working to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Here are some opportunities you can apply for today:

InteGreat – This is a project that aims to connect young people from all over the world to act upon the current refugees’ crisis by fostering their integration in our local communities and by providing them with all the tools to take an active role in the European society. The volunteers will support organizations and NGOs in welcoming and integrating young refugees by facilitating their day to day life in the center.

EduChange – Volunteers will enhance cultural and disciplinary openness through knowledge, confrontation and exchange with people of different origins: encourage the development of the English language curriculum in the classes of the institute; promote a climate of multiculturalism; and develop a wide set of competences and skills in children.



How does exploring a few of the 6000 islands, Ancient Olympia or Acropolis sound like? This is the history lover’s favorite. The country has lots of culture, gastronomy and festivities for you to enjoy. You can explore one of the 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites or Santorini’s black sand beaches! Let’s look at two great opportunities for Summer 2021:

Best Friends – This project is happening in the animal shelters of the municipality of Euboea. Volunteers will take care of stray animals and help in their recovery, feeding, cleaning, socialization and in their adoption. Likewise, volunteers will participate in the mapping of other municipalities in order to find animals that need help.

Summer Camp – The project aims to impact the Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being, by raising awareness on prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases amongst young people through workshops, practical activities and games.



If you’re more into adventuring on to a different continent, Costa Rica is our answer. You can try water rafting down the Pacuare river if you’re an adrenaline junkie or visit the volcano Arenal and its hot springs if you’re a fan of beautiful views. If exploring the Southern Caribbean coast is something you’d appreciate, take a look at the projects available:

Aquatica – Volunteers will work on activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting actions to stop the pollution of marine and coastal ecosystems. They’ll carry out educational spaces and fieldwork activities on a weekly basis, and will also be responsible for planning and executing an awareness campaign. Also, they’ll support the NGO Cirenas in their turtle conservation efforts.

Educatica – In this project, the volunteers will work directly with people of all ages in areas of high social risk and teach them basic English, Math and Spanish. The activities will be carried out through a non-formal educational method, which will address both the knowledge acquired and the development of critical thinking. There will also be an artistic and sports focus, with the preparation of music and physical education classes.



Last but not least, roaming the streets of downtown Lisbon or watching the sunset at one of Algarve’s beaches sounds like a wonderful plan for your free days. Portugal’s people are the nicest to tourists and their culture is super intriguing. Also, it was considered the 3rd safest country in the world, according to Forbes. Here are a couple experiences waiting for you:

PorIgual – Volunteers will be responsible for creating and delivering workshops and activities aiming to engage girls and boys towards gender equality. There will also be group dynamics to raise awareness on gender discrimination and how to fight it in all its dimensions and workshops that explore inclusion and identity based on gender roles.

Ativa – Through a set of dynamic activities and workshops, volunteers will help reducing social inequalities and discrimination towards people of age and people with disabilities. Volunteers will deliver workshops focused on muscular and mental strengthening for the maintenance of the elders health. The volunteers will be able too develop better interpersonal relationships and the ability to resolve conflicts.


AIESEC experiences not only allow you to have an impact in local communities but also learn about a completely different culture and awesome places, where you’ll be able to create incredible stories to share.

I know we’ve sparked your interest, make sure to sign up on so we can help find the perfect fit for you!