Must DOs for Pitching Your Project Successfully

Get the support needed to make your ideas happen

You worked hard for a long time to develop a project and properly plan it, now you are looking for ways to make it happen? Be it a school task worth bringing to life, a planned NGO or a business idea, you will get to a point when it will be crucial to engage more people to make it happen. Check out how to make the process easier!

The importance of first impression

Catching the interest of a person and engaging them in a long run, turns out to be a rather difficult task requiring a skillful approach. When we have an amazing idea, we tend to be extremely eager to develop it, share and find supporters. However, there is one thing to keep in mind: The first impression you leave determines further success.

Develop a striking pitch strategically, step-by-step

  • Start by identifying the target audience or a group you need to attract as a supporter of your cause. Find out more about who they are, what they do, how they behave etc.
  • Establish a common ground – Regardless if that person is a potential investor, partner or just a friend, one of your main goals is to establish a common ground between the two of you. Demonstrate how the interest of your future partner connects with the purpose of your idea.
  • Be short and precise and at the same time inspiring and informational. Time limit is a factor to always keep in the back of your mind. Although difficult to synthesize and explain your plan within seconds or minutes, nothing makes a better impression than communicating clearly and precisely your idea and its unique value proposition, without going into unnecessary explanations and details.

Your Why, How and What

The core element of your pitch is the reason for your motivation and efforts. Being able to show and explain WHY you are eager to do this, why are you so inspired to succeed and why your idea and plan are valuable, will ultimately bring meaning to your pitch and make it one of a kind.

Furthermore, present a precise method for achieving the desired outcome. The focus should also be put on HOW you are planning to accomplish those aims. Considering the question of “how”, you may want to include your target person or audience in the plan. Showing your expectations towards them and explaining the contribution they are able to bring to the idea is an essential step towards building the common ground and winning the support.

And finally, once you’ve covered the motivation and purpose (why) as well as tactics for achieving that (how), you may go into explaining the action steps for achieving you idea, or WHAT you are trying to achieve with it.

The Why, How, What concept was introduced by Simon Sinek. Check out this video for more information:

Do not forget, the practice makes perfect.