5 Skills You Develop During an Internship Abroad

Sometimes we come to a point where we have this vague feeling, an inscrutable desire out of the blue to change something in our life. Considering that a change does not happen in a narrow classroom or by analyzing a most astonishing theory but takes place throughout life and by taking a step out of your “comfort zone” into an exciting and open world.


An internship abroad combines an exciting opportunity to brighten your own horizon with the useful “side-effect” of actively collecting experience.


1. Gaining Work Experience

First and foremost, working abroad helps you to develop the own skills and the ability to use it in a practical context within challenging your potential. And a solid work experience also makes you a much more attractive to employers in nowaday’s high competitive job market.


2. Developing Multicultural Understanding

Cultural immersion is a significant aspect of living abroad. Since the world has become an interconnected “global village”, it is important to gain basic understanding of business practices associated with different cultural norms and values.

3. Finding a Direction

Often, people start with a job or a study impulsively, because they have heard somewhere from someone how great it was. But after a month “down the road” they get bored and ask themselves what on Earth they are doing here. By having the opportunity to ask and have your questions answered during an internship by industry professionals, you will  be able to get a better insight into whether a filed is right for you or not.

4. Connecting with the Global World

Networking is one of the most popular ways of finding and also getting a job. By building new contacts worldwide through internships in various fields, you are able to create a wider and global working environment for yourself.


5. Personal Growth

Moving away from the cozy and familiar environment to challenge your abilities and beliefs in a totally new surrounding is necessary to develop not just your professional skills, but also create environment for personal growth.

Even if the experience abroad is not be a perfect match for your future career path, take it – the career insight you will gain, and the space and challenges you will undergo (which will shape you as a person and a worker) are unmatched by any other experience.

Author: Anna Smekal