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Hi I am Ulrike Jordi and I am an Erasmus student at the University of Vienna and I joined AIESEC after a presentation at an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) event. I joined because I wanted to get out of my “Exchange Student Bubble” and spend free time in a meaningful way. Now, after one semester in the organization, it has evolved into a way of gaining experience and practical knowledge connected to my studies.

Back home, in Switzerland, I am only a part-time student – otherwise working as a primary school teacher. Through the projects that AIESEC organizes with the help of international interns – Colors of the World and Career to Go (which my team was preparing), I got insight into the Austrian education system and the way schools work here. The projects also gave me new ideas I could implement in terms of new topics and delivery methods in teaching – how things could be presented at schools to both students and teachers.


I am now continuing with AIESEC for another semester, planning and hoping to switch to the area of human resources, because conducting Individual Coaching Talks, Team Management, Team Buildings and conducting Interviews belong to an area I can see myself working in the future.

On top of that I meat numerous great people and had an absolutely awesome team experience!