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Hello. I’m Mihai and I’m a Romanian student in Vienna. I study Economics and Social Sciences at Vienna University of Economics and Business. I like to think that I’m an open and energetic person who usually likes challenges and exploring other cultures.

However, it wasn’t until this volunteering experience that all these were put to the test.

When I left for Brazil, it was the first time I went abroad completely alone. Understandably, I started my experience with many reasons to be excited but equally many reasons to be anxious about what was going to happen.

Overall it turned out to be a marvelous experience. And it was not the visiting part that made it worth remembering for, but rather the challenges I faced and the inner journey I went through in those six weeks.

Trying to teach English and civic education to children coming from a tough environment without speaking the same language was definitely not easy, but it enabled me to identify my purpose, my passion and most importantly it gave me the opportunity to live up to my values. I had an impact and I developed someone who was more than 8000 km from home. For me, simply mindblowing!

Why do I think such a journey would be beneficial for everyone?

Because one will meet beautiful people and make friends. One will experience a vibrant culture as well as culture shocks and clashes and the amazing feeling of relevancy and importance.

All these things create the perfect mix that shapes who one is as a person.  They help one identify what he/she strives for and the values he/she wants to live. They help one find out who he/she wants to become by getting him/her out of their bubble.

In the end, giving back to other people will not only help them but will also impact you and make you develop further.