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Today AIESEC in Austria is launching a new campaign. The month of May is gonna be all about activating leadership in YOUth.

As you know by now, we prepare international internship and volunteering opportunities. We truly believe in learning by doing and their potential to help you develop important skills for your future. However, we understand how COVID-19 is still very present in our current reality and we’re adapting to it.

Therefore, this month our goal is to shift the focus back to our organizations’ core purpose: developing leadership in youth.

We’re going show you…
– that leadership is for everyone, regardless of your field of studies or work, by sharing the insights of people from different academic backgrounds
– which skills and qualities you should invest in in order to become the best leader you can be and how our experiences can provide this sort of growth
– how to lead by example, how to network in a meaningful way and other important steps for positive leadership development.

AIESEC has made efforts since 1948 to provide experiences all around the world and even though we’re facing unique circumstances, we’re not planning on stopping.

Let us help you plan your life-changing exchange for later! To check our current open opportunities, sign up here.

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